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The car 5 of the production series 72 is exhibited in the Erlebnismuseum Sinsheim.
The museum kindly provided me with photos.
Many thanks !


GTW 6 stood for one year with an advertisement for Schaeffler in the dare hall.
For a few days he is back in regular service and has now found his place here.


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GTW 25 has been running advertising for the 2018 "Schwebebahnlauf" since April 2018

The following photos have been added to the 15 series:

GTW 3 Weiterbildung WBS

Die Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

The suspension railway is the most important personal local traffic system in Wuppertal, and at the same time the landmark of the town. It was the alternative at that time to an underground which could not be built in Wuppertal for geologic and topografischen reasons, therefore, the inhabitant of Cologne sugar manufacturer Eugene Langen got the possibility to realise his invention in Wuppertal.
Also the name "Suspension railway" comes from long themselves: „A system of the hanging carriages. "I have the thing‚ suspension railway‘ baptised. "“ such a quotation. Besides, the name Suspension railway is actually wrong because in contrast to a magnet suspension railway a constant contact exists between rail and vehicle. The Wuppertaler suspension railway is therefore an onerail overhead conveyor.
In 1995 one began in Wuppertal with a renewal project of the props, rails and stations and also the vehicles. The complete object was renewed as well as was altered up to three all stops and was modernised technically. On the from the 3rd to the 6th of April, 2014 one celebrated the official end of the removal. Since the 26th of May, 1997 the Wuppertaler suspension railway stands under conservation of monuments and historic buildings.

GTW 13
GTW 13 in Vohwinkel shortly after the station break

The delivery of the new monorail train to Wuppertal continues. A new operating permit makes it possible for the two GTW 12 and 13, which have been hanging in Vohwinkel for a year, to be on the track. These are the first two trains with a yellow interior. With the new operating permit but also a temporary speed limit to 30 km / h is connected. After the conversion of a component on the bogie but this limit should be reversed.

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