GTW 31 hangs in the carriage hall in Vohwinkel. Thus, all GTW are on the rails. The first test drives will certainly start soon

Die Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

The suspension railway is the most important personal local traffic system in Wuppertal, and at the same time the landmark of the town. It was the alternative at that time to an underground which could not be built in Wuppertal for geologic and topografischen reasons, therefore, the inhabitant of Cologne sugar manufacturer Eugene Langen got the possibility to realise his invention in Wuppertal.
Also the name "Suspension railway" comes from long themselves: „A system of the hanging carriages. "I have the thing‚ suspension railway‘ baptised. "“ such a quotation. Besides, the name Suspension railway is actually wrong because in contrast to a magnet suspension railway a constant contact exists between rail and vehicle. The Wuppertaler suspension railway is therefore an onerail overhead conveyor.
In 1995 one began in Wuppertal with a renewal project of the props, rails and stations and also the vehicles. The complete object was renewed as well as was altered up to three all stops and was modernised technically. On the from the 3rd to the 6th of April, 2014 one celebrated the official end of the removal. Since the 26th of May, 1997 the Wuppertaler suspension railway stands under conservation of monuments and historic buildings.

Neue Werbungen im Frühjahr 2022

GTW 5 has been promoting the 10th suspension railway run on June 19, 2022 since March

GTW 15
GTW 15 has been promoting the Wuppertal Sisterhood since April

GTW 17
GTW 17 advertises a concert by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in the Stadthalle Wuppertal

GTW 58
GTW 22 has a new ad, again for Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal

Current list of GTW with advertising

GTW advertising für since
1 200.ten Geburtstag Friedrich Engels im Jahr 2020 Februar 2020
2 Vorwerk März 2017
3 WBS Training Oktober 2017
4 Barmer Versicherungen Februar 2017
5 10.te Schwebebahnlauf am 19.06.2022 Märzz 2022
7 Radio Wuppertal Dezember 2017
8 Johanniter Hausnotruf September 2021
10 Akzenta April 2017
11 ebv Oktober 2019
12 DEVK November 2021
13 Coroplast Januar 2020
14 Bundeswehr Oktober 2019
15 Schwesternschaft Wuppertal April 2022
17 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra April 2022
18 50 Jahre AWG Mai 2021
22 Sparkasse Wuppertal April 2022
27 emobil WSW November 2021
28 50 Jahre Sendung mit der Maus Februar 2021
29 50 Jahre Bergische Universität Februar 2022

GTW 28
For the 50th birthday of the "Sendung mit der Maus" GTW 28 was pasted on
GTW 18
GTW 18 congratulates on the 50th anniversary of AWG
The GTW1 of the 72 series has found its location in front of the Wuppertaler Miniaturland in Oehder Str.
GTW 29
In Corona times, the suspension railway was also given its mouthguard.

ETCS Level 3

Since 02.09.2019 the monorail operates with the new operating system ETCS Level 3. It concerns thereby the train control system "ATLAS" of the company Alstom. The entire track, the new GTW and the Kaiserwagen were prepared for this.


Basically, the track occupancy message or the free message takes place only by a localization of the trains by radio. The current position is recorded over 256 Eurobalises, which are attached to the track. From this point of reference, the distance measuring system constantly determines the distance covered, thereby calculating a current location information of the vehicle at any time.
The speed of the tracks is detected by a Doppler radar. The antennas for position detection and for the speed are located on the first bogie of the train. This data is needed to monitor the maximum speed, the braking before bends and the stop of the train (station). Likewise, they are necessary to clear track sections. These data are sent to the control center via the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) network available at the WSW.
Thus, the suspension railway comes without track and station signals. The track is divided into 39 sections in both directions, so it happens that one track has to stop in the middle of the track and wait until the next section is clear.
The introduction of the system is the prerequisite for the planned clock compression and thus a shortened travel time to 25 minutes from end to end station. In addition, the passenger information system receives its information about this.

GTW 12
GTW 12 mit FOM Werbung

GTW 22
GTW 22 mit Werbung für die Stadtsparkasse

GTW 28

On 11.07.2019 the GTW 28 was transported to Utopia City. There it is first temporarily stored, before it will probably take its final place in the Utopia City in 2021. It will, at least that's the plan, be hung up and not stand on the ground.

GTW 28
Farewell to the 72 series

GTW 28
To say goodbye to the 72 series, the GTW 28 stood in the Station "Vohwinkel".

GTW 27
The GTW 27 has first found a home in Bochum

GTW 18
The new Gtw 18 on 30.03.2019 in Vohwinkel

Since 30.03.2019 the suspension railway is on the way again for test drives. In the next two weeks, the new vehicles and the operating system are tested and tested. that the track is back to normal in early August. The investigation into the accident in November are now set, the cause of the busbar demolition was not previously recognizable material wear.

Torn off conductor rail near the zoo / stadium station

After the demolition of the track in November 2018, our landmark stands still. Probably in August 2019 it goes back to normal operation. The reasons for the accident are now fixed. At the beginning, probably two holders of the busbar were defective, which was itself in this curve area under tension. This damaged further holders. Since the driving operation was still taking place at this time, pantographs of the first track were demolished and other brackets damaged, the next train passage then provided for the demolition of the busbar. Meanwhile, a new power rail is mounted, but on the entire route, the busbars are to be secured against another demolition.

In Vohwinkel, the exchange of old GTW's continues against the new railways.

GTW 27 is being prepared for disassembly.

Schönes rund um die Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

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