The way with her stations

Altogether, the way is, this one Vohwinkel's train to Oberbarmen or the other way round puts back 13. 3 km for a long time. At first she drives from Vohwinkel until shortly before the station zoo/stadium over country. This also is the track section with the greatest descent of max. four per cent. The cable car follows the course of the Wupper as of then and winds over the river by the narrow valley. The water way is 10. 6 km long, the over-land path 2. 7 km

The most important data summarized in the following table once again:

Way length 13. 3 km, throughout double-track of this 10 km over the Wupper
the smallest curve radius 75 m
Current system 600 V direct current
Stops 20,from this there are 4 on the over-land path
Running-time ~ 30 minutes
Passengers up to 87,000 per day
Making of the way 1898 – 1901
Number of vehicles 25 still are originally 28 joint railcars GTW, in the business
Year of construction of the vehicles 1972 – 1975
Maximum speed 60 km/h
Cruising speed ~ 26,6 km/h
Top time 3 min

The course of the Wuppertal cable car is schematic in the following graphic as represented red way. She almost goes across the valley of the Wupper paralell to the federal railway route. One clicks on one of the stations in the graphic, one can, to the stations, have a look as far as available at photos and look up interesting to the stations and the environment later, too.

Die Strecke

Schönes rund um die Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

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