The workshop of the suspension railway in Vohwinkel

The convoys of the Wuppertal cable car are subjected approx. every eight years or all 500,000 km in the workshop of a main examination..

Do this the trains are taken to pieces in the Vohwinkler car hall into the front part (A part), the back part (B part) and the middle section (C part).

Text: Jürgen Brauner

The GTW 2 is prepared for the main examination. The cover of the door mechanics is already remote. The three car parts as well are already separated mechanically.

With a crane the three parts then are drained by an opening to the workshop which is located in the car hall

The car parts then are reduced the density of completely, derusted, welded and painted newly again, too, in the workshop..

The electrical installation is also waited completely.

The bogies learn a complete refurbishing, the wheels get new wheel tires.

After the maintenance the vehicle parts are very fetched, put together and stuck a new advertisement if necessary into the car hall again. After successful test drives the cars frequent the rule service again.

Schönes rund um die Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

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